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Welding Shield PS 100


  • PS100 provides enhanced comfort and protection to welders.
  • Ergonomically designed breathing vents reduce CO2 build up inside the welding shield offering welders superior comfort.
  • Low weight design allows welders to wear the shield over long durations without causing neck strain.
  • Features:
    Conforms to EN175F and EN166
    View area: 85mm by 110mm
    Breathing vents to reduce heat build
    Lightweight, increasing comfort
    Polycarbonate protection plates
    Available in shade 11    

Fresh-air C (Compressed Air) Respiratory System

Speedglas welding shield with Fresh-air C respirator is a lightweight respiratory system with a protection factor of 200, making it an excellent choice in environments with high levels of particle fumes and gases.

Connects to air hoses (sub)
The belt-mounted regulator connects to an approved air hose with a quick release connector system. The airline supply must be air of breathable quality meeting the requirement of prEN12021.Oil mist or water vapour in the airline or non-toxic unpleasant odours may be removed with an air cleaning station, such as the SR49 or SR79.

Respirator standards (sub)
The Fresh-air C system conforms to European standard EN 270 for compressed air respirators. Note: Fresh-air C cannot be used if the atmosphere has been classified as Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH).

Adflo (PAPR) Powered Respiratory Solution for Welding


Powered respiratory protection for welders. Lightweight, slim design eliminates external batteries and cables. Flip-up the FlexView welding filter for grinding through clear lens.
·  Extra large viewing area
·  Speedglas™ FlexView HWR welding respirator headpiece with flip-up welding filter for grinding
·  Battery charges in 3 hours
·  Four-position sensitivity control
·  Adjustable recovery delay
Adflo Powered Air Purifying (PAPR) Turbo Assembly, Respiratory


Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) complete except for headgear. Includes turbo, filter cover, spark arrestor, pre-filter, high efficiency particulate filter, battery, smart charger, belt, breathing tube assembly, and flow indicator.
·  Filter cover
·  Spark arrestor
·  Pre-filter
·  Smart charger
·  Flow indicator

Adflo Powered Air Purifying Respirator connects to the Speedglas  Helmet Assembly 9000HWR Series or to the Clear Visor Face shield Assembly
Speedglas 9000 Welding Shield

The Speedglas 9000 Welding Shield is still available with the Speedglas 9002D Welding Filter.
Appropriate for most arc welding processes – such as MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG and plasma welding.

    • Dual dark shades 9 and 11
    • Light shade 3
    • Speedglas Side Windows option
Shield exhaust vents
Speedglas Flex View Welding

Flex View system allows the welding filter to be flipped up for grinding. Pivot mechanism nests helmet over hard hat when raised. Two shade 5 side filters increase peripheral viewing. Large auto-darkening filter with shades 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.

· ProTop special pivot that allows the welding shield to “nest” down on a hard hat for better balance.
·  Clear 4.75 in x 3.6 in (120 mm x 90 mm) face shield
·  Side Windows increase peripheral vision by over 100%
·  Four-position sensitivity control
·  Adjustable recovery delay

Speedglas ProTop Welding Shield


Hard hat and welding helmet system uses exclusive pivot mechanism. Low center-of-gravity helps reduce neck strain. Two shade 5 side filters increase peripheral viewing area. Benefits
·  Pivot mechanism allows helmet to nest over the hard hat
·  Low center-of-gravity improves balance of helmet
·  Ratcheting headband
·  SideWindows
·  ADF not included
The Speedglas ProTop is a combination hard hat / welding helmet system. Traditional welding hard hats create a high center-of-gravity when the welding helmet is raised, causing them to fall off easily or catch on overhead objects. The ProTop System's pivot mechanism has two sets of axes that allow the shield to “nest” down on the hard hat in a balanced, secure position.
Speedglas 9002D Welding Filter


Additional Information :
Two sensitivity levels - easy to adjust to the welder’s preference.
- Classification: 1/2/2
- Two dark state levels (9 or 11).
- Fail / Safe state: shade 5
- Light state: shade 3
- Switching time, light-dark: 0,4 ms
- Switching time, dark-light: 100-200 ms
- Viewing area: 42 x 93 mm.
- Battery life time: 1500 hours
- Conforms to EN 379
Speedglas 9002X Welding Filter


Additional Information :
Four user-selectable sensitivity levels handle all types of arc welding. Unsurpassed in intelligent switching during low-amp, steady TIG welding. Three user-selectable delay settings allow the welder to adjust the dark-to-light switching time.

- Classification: 1/1/2
- Five dark state levels 9-13 (variable).
- Fail / Safe state: shade 5
- Light state: shade 3
- Switching time, light-dark: 0,1 ms
- Switching time, dark-light: 60-500 ms
- Viewing area: 55 x 107 mm.
- Solar panel extends battery life to approximately 3000 hours.
- Conforms to EN 379

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